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Hey Guys

2008-03-22 15:07:28 by VeronicaTheButcher

Hey I know people are like "why is she taking Caliber The Butcher's name?" Well it's because I'm his lil sister. I've been playing the piano for 7 years and started making instrumentals 3 years ago. I love doing music and I will be posting alot of it on here. I love this site and enjoy listening to Dj Ses, Reven, Wytenoiz, Lavagurl and of course Caliber. Hehe anyways, ill be seeing you guys.

Hey Guys


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2008-03-22 17:35:34

It's great to see more talented artists like you. I heard one of your beats on one of DJ Ses's tracks and I can't wait to hear more of them.

VeronicaTheButcher responds:

Hey Thank you for the comment. I will be posting some new beats as soon as newgrounds allows me too.


2008-03-28 01:08:30

Talented N Sexy. if only u dint live in virginia. cuz i swear (id let u come n smoke wit all me n my n***az) lol


2008-03-28 08:53:54

Glad to have you on here! You're a great talent and I hope to hear more from you! YEAH!!!


2008-03-29 01:47:42

im tellin ya u 2 sexy shawty. u u look like rihanna n shit. u 2 fine n den dat beat was wangin. u 2 hot looks n skill

VeronicaTheButcher responds:

aww thank you


2008-06-03 08:55:02

hot beats, chica...i'm really feelin' them. SC/CT sends it's love.


2008-07-06 11:44:21

Album? O RLY???

Looking for guest artists! Head over to my page for details!!!!


2008-08-24 01:02:16

you have some skills